Thursday, October 1, 2015

One From Every Country #10: Bahamas

The 10th country alphabetically is the Bahamas, which has in my opinion one of the most interesting design themes. I have quite a few from the country, including more than one I've pulled out of circulation here in NY.

This example is a proof that I got way back in 2008 right after I got into the hobby. It's still in the factory packaging, and the issue appearing on the rim and some if the field is actually an issue with the packaging.

This is the only brass proof in my collection, and it looks spectacular.


  1. Didn't know you had this blog also. Used to dabble in coins as a kid. Let me see what I still have.

    1. Hi Mark, just spotted your comment now. (I don't give this one as much attention as I do my card blog!) I started collecting full time in 2008, but I usually give it short-shrift compared to my cards. Most of the time I just read about it rather than do anything with this hobby.