Sunday, January 28, 2018

Coin of the Month: 1717 Sicily grano

2018 marks my 10th anniversary in Numismatics. Hard to believe it's been that long....even though I've been mostly out of the hobby for the past few years, I have not been totally out of it, so I'm counting it as ten full years.

I have decided that for my 10th anniversary, I'm going to try to add something new and interesting to my collection every month. That'll be a lot more than in the past few years, where I mostly just got new quarters found in circulation.

For January, I have something much older than I expected to get. It was a gift from a friend on the Collector's Universe forum.

It's a little rough, so I am not exactly sure if the obverse scan is right side up or not.

Here are some photos I took. The obverse is through the flip it came in so not great. I will keep trying. I have not tried with my photo studio yet, these were taken with my smart phone.

If I can get better photos with my studio setup I will post them in the future.

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