Thursday, February 26, 2015

One from Every Country #1. Algeria

Everybody always says on the coin forums, to pick a subject and stick with it, ignoring everything else. I can't do that. I WON'T do that. They call it "focus", I call it monotony. I like having a wide variety of different things in my collection. As I've added more world coins to my collection, usually by the pound, I've added lots of different countries to my collection. I've found that to me the most exciting new additions are when I add a new country, so I decided, eventually, to work on a listing of One of Every Country, or OFEC, for short. I still mostly add by the pound, but on the rare instances where I don't, I tend to look for a country I don't already have before anything else.

Some countries I have lots of, some I have only one example. For this project, I pick one representative issue, and put the scans in a separate folder.

For countries, I define it as each different named issuing entity. I don't combine countries as they change names, for example, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic and Czech-Slovak Federal Republic all count as a separate country. Other people may do it differently, but it's my collection, and that is how I do it. It is also not limited to any specific time frame, either. As I progress through this project more than 2000 years will be covered.

I sort the scans for this project alphabetically, and first up is Algeria.
Algeria - 1964 - two centimes

This is an aluminum coin- my favorite coinage metal. I actually have a better example than the one shown, but I have not scanned it.

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