Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gifts from a World-Traveling Friend, Part 1: The Coins

A few days back I received a very nice gift package from a friend who is a world traveler. I know him from another hobby and I told him I would be very appreciative if he could bring me back some coins and currency...and he sure did! I got a nice box from him that included a lot of good stuff. So much so that I'm going to split it up into two posts, with the first being coins, and the second being currency. I have not even begun to scan the currency yet so it will be sometime in the future.

Scanning coins and currency is not a lot of fun- the scanner I use for them both is seriously damaged, but as it still turns on and works I'm too cheap to replace it. I have a backlog of stuff dating to last Christmas waiting to be scanned, but it's not usually worth the frustration to do so. But, occasionally, I'll feel up to it and pull out that scanner.

Below are the new coins he sent me-
Austria 1979 10 groschen

Belize 2012 dollar. This is only my second coin from Belize, and neither is round. Interesting to see how low condition some of these are, US coins that I see from 2012 are usually nearly new still.

Hong Kong 1991 20 cents

Hong Kong 1993 5 dollars

Hong Kong 1998 2 dollars

Pretty sure this is Japan but I can't read their writing- I have tried and failed.

Mexico 1998 10 pesos

Mexico 2011 5 pesos

Mexico 2014 peso. This is now my newest non-US coin.

Paraguay 2008 thousand guaranies. Not sure why they use mil for thousand.

Paraguay 2012 100 guaranies

Peru 2006 5 new soles

Philippines 2002 10 piso

Singapore 1989 dollar

Spain 2001 2 Euro. The largest Euro coin denomination, only the second or third in my collection.

Thailand. I cannot read Thai writing. I've tried, like Japan, often, but I cannot succeed. Any ID help would be appreciated!





Thailand 1996 bhat, a Circulating Commemorative honoring the current King Rama's 50th Anniversary on the throne. It was a one year type so I was able to determine what it was.

Turkey 2005 lirasi (?)

Turkey 2005 25 kurus

Turkey 2008 50 kurus. Note that the nickel (I believe) center is much more weakly struck than the brass outer ring.

United Arab Emirates 50 fils. I am not sure the year, I have a book that tells you how to figure it out but I have not gotten the book out yet. More importantly, this is my first coin from this country! It is the 164th different country in my collection, and someday you will see this coin again in my OFEC posts- although as I'm going alphabetically it won't be for several years!

USA 2007 D dollar, George Washington. In this country, it's REALLY rare to see these circulated, but he got this one in El Salvidor! Apparently they use them there on a regular basis, the circulation certainly shows that here. He actually got me three different US dollars but the other two were duplicates- both Sacajawea dollars.
In addition to the coins, there was also this token:
It is from a video arcade in Yangon, Myanmar! He didn't know that I also collect video game tokens, so that was a pleasant surprise for me. It's quite large- about the size of a US half dollar.

I really really thrilled with this package he sent me, and this doesn't even touch the world currency, which was either my largest or second largest single-day collection increase ever! Those will be coming in the future, although I can't say exactly when, but I am most appreciative.

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  1. I love checking out the designs on the coins. Very interesting glimpse of the rest of the world.