Monday, August 17, 2015

One from Every Country #8: Armenia

The first country that is not being posted in alphabetical order, Armenia would have been slotted in sooner had I gotten the coin scanned sooner. I received it for Christmas 2014, but I didn't get it scanned until August 2015. As I've noted, my scanner used for coins is not good so I put it off most of the time.

I generally only add to my collection at Christmas, and for Christmas 2014 I ended up getting 12 new countries, which is quite a lot at this stage of my collecting; 7 years in. While there are still plenty of countries left to add to my collection, the majority of currently issuing countries is now represented in my collection. I don't have exact numbers on how many currently issuing countries there are, or how many I need, perhaps someday I will figure it out.

The coin is uncirculated, which means it scans poorly- the low grade coins actually scan better. The higher grade issues tend to scan with lots of spots all over them that don't appear on the coin in hand. I remove most of them but it is impossible to remove them all. I do the best I can.

The denomination is 20 luma.

The other new countries I got for Christmas 2014 were: Bailiwick of Jersey, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Georgia, Gibraltar, Guatemala, Falkland Islands, Isle of Man, Lithuania, Laos and Uganda. They will appear in alphabetical order as I reach them in the OFEC project, and in fact, Bailiwick of Jersey will arrive within the next week or two.

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  1. Why do uncirculated have more "stuff" on them and scan worse than circulated?